Treating Aches and Pains from Summer Traveling

The summer driving season is coming up, and many Gilbert, Arizona families are planning on taking long trips to visit family or enjoy tourist destinations. Driving is a great way to cut down on travel costs, and see the sights as you get on your way to your destination. But long car rides can have an adverse affect on your back, and those little twinges of pain can sometimes make driving difficult. There are ways you can avoid suffering from the back pain associated with long drives and still get to your destination in time.

Before you hit the open road, make an appointment with a Gilbert physical therapist to have your back looked over by an expert. A physical therapist can point out areas that can be strengthened to decrease potential back pain, and they can give you exercises to do that will make your drive more comfortable. You can also do those exercises throughout your trip to keep your back feeling healthy.

Your driver’s seat will often dictate how comfortable or uncomfortable your long drive will be. A good driver’s seat offers support for your lower back, and can also help conform to the natural curve of your spine as it leads to your shoulders. If your driver’s seat is not adjustable to help out your back, then you can buy an device that you can install on your seat for complete comfort.

Driving Posture to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Many Arizona drivers forget that the lower back pain physical therapy works on comes from bad posture when sitting. If you are driving for hours and sitting with bad posture, then you will feel it in your shoulders, neck and lower back. As this kind of pain increases in intensity, it can cause a distracted driving situation that could be dangerous. You do not need to be on your Smartphone to be distracted while driving. Sometimes back pain can be just as distracting as texting or talking on the phone. By maintaining good posture, you will help to reduce back problems and be able to keep your focus on the road.

Plan your trip so that you allow yourself the chance to stop every hour or so and stretch. You can take advantage of the rest stops along the highway, or even enjoy some of the local attractions found just off the main roads. When you stop for a driving break, be sure to stretch out your back muscles and walk around a bit to prevent your back from getting tense.

When you let your back pain disrupt your summer driving, accidents can happen. If you do get into an accident while on a summer driving trip, you should get to a physical therapist immediately. Physical therapy after accidents can address mounting back problems that will only increase in severity if they are not taken care of immediately. Your therapist can identify the areas in your back that need the most work, and they can put together a treatment plan that will prevent you from experiencing the full force of accident-related back pain.

When you get back from your trip, you might think you feel great because you took all of the necessary precautions. But after a week or so, your back starts to deliver crippling pain that you need to address right away. You should never take you good back health for granted, especially after going on a summer vacation that saw you driving and walking for hours. Your first day back from your summer driving vacation should be spent with a licensed physical therapist to make sure that all of the areas of your back can be strengthened before any pain can develop.

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we know exactly how to help people who have experienced back issues after long summer driving vacations. Our experts can get right to work recommending a treatment program, and using our state-of-the-art facility to get you back on your feet in no time. If you are planning a long summer driving vacation this year, then be sure to include visiting a certified physical therapist as part of your plans.