How Physical Therapy Addresses Sensitive Women’s Issues

Women and men have very different types of physical issues, and it takes an experienced physical therapy organization to understand the delicate nature of women’s health. The before, during and after effects of pregnancy on a woman’s body can create conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis and incontinence. For many women, seeking out treatment for these conditions is an intimate and difficult process. Advanced Physical Therapy is a Gilbert physical therapy organization that understands women’s issues and offers discreet solutions.

Pregnancy Physical Therapy

It is important for women to know that they do not have to suffer with pregnancy pain for the full term of their pregnancy. The experts at Advanced Physical Therapy can put together a custom program that will address all of the individual issues that are responsible for pain during pregnancy, and offer the new mother relief. Each woman experiences pregnancy differently, and that is why it is important for women to choose a pain relief organization that understands what they are going through.

In the wake of pregnancy, there can be a variety of conditions that will alter a woman’s life. Migraine headaches, back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and osteoporosis are only a few of the permanent effects of having a child. For many women, seeking out treatment for these types of conditions can be a difficult and often embarrassing process. But at Advanced Physical Therapy, there is a strong dedication to respecting a patient’s privacy that makes treating these conditions easier.

Physical Therapy for Women

As women age, they find that many of the conditions they suffered after childbirth become enhanced. Arthritis in the pelvic area and growing problems with incontinence are common among women who have experienced childbirth. For women who have not had children, the aging process can be just as unforgiving. A woman’s body responds to aging differently than a man’s, and that is why it is important become involved with a physical therapy organization that can separate the care needs of women and men, and offer the right type of treatment to both.

It is a sad truth that many women suffer in silence because they feel intimidated by the idea of seeking out help for their chronic conditions. Conditions such as chronic coughing, lack of muscle coordination and muscle weakness are all noticeable to the general public, and they are usually only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a woman has to deal with. Instead of seeking help, many women prefer to avoid the intimate type of disclosure and treatment process that accompanies getting the right kind of help. But for the women of Gilbert, Arizona, there is an option that will make getting the help they need easier.

Advanced Physical Therapy offers women a discreet option for discussing their conditions with certified professionals. Every appointment with a physical therapist is a one-on-one encounter in a secured and enclosed setting. Each woman’s treatment program is set up to meet the specific needs of each female patient, and there are plenty of isolated treatment rooms women can use to go through their routines in privacy.

It can be difficult for women to find the kind of personal and intimate treatment they need to address their very specific physical problems. While Advanced Physical Therapy appreciates how difficult it is for women to seek out help, the truth is that these conditions need to be treated before they cause more serious problems. The discreet and caring professionals at Advanced Physical Therapy have devised ways for women to have one-on-one consultations with caring professionals, and go through their treatment regimens in privacy.

Any women in the Gilbert area suffering from any of the unique and personal conditions that can occur throughout their lives should contact Advanced Physical Therapy immediately. Our professionals have years of experience in diagnosing your condition, and in creating a discreet treatment program that will bring you the relief you deserve.