The Secret To A Good Golf Swing Is Physical Therapy

Arizona has the ideal climate and terrain for golf, which are just two of the reasons why golf is so popular. Every golfer, from the weekend amateur to the budding professional, should know that the golf swing is a complicated mechanical motion that could cause serious injuries over time. Too many golfers take the swing for granted and do not realize the damage they could be doing.

A Gilbert physical therapist can help your golf game in several ways. First, a therapist can help you to identify areas where you need to strengthen your body, help you create a better center of balance and give you tips on avoiding injuries. Your therapist can also help you work on any injuries you may receive to get you back in the course as fast as possible.

Why do those weekend players need the kind of sports injury rehabilitation Gilbert golfers look to for help at the higher levels of play? Actually, weekend players may need a physical therapist more than better players because weekend players tend to have swings that contort their bodies in painful ways. A budding professional works on their swing mechanics and can use the help of a physical therapist to improve their power and balance. But the more that a weekend player submits their body to an unconventional swing, the more damage they are doing in the long run.

Gilbert Physical Therapy Can Help a Golf Swing

How can a physical therapist help any golfer to improve their swing? The first thing golfers need to realize is the amount of back pain physical therapy can help you to avoid after years of playing golf. We have seen how a bad back can affect professionals such as Tiger Woods and Fred Couples. While the average Arizona player may not play as much as those professionals do, the danger of ruining your back playing golf is still a reality for any player at any level.

A physical therapist can show you warm-up exercises and stretches that will help to loosen up your joints and give you greater mobility. Not only does this help you to get more from your swing, but it also goes a long way towards preventing injuries. Your therapist will also put you through a few exercises on their equipment to help you gain the mobility you need to improve your swing.

The motion of getting your hips and back into your follow through after you strike the ball is critical to good ball distance and direction, and it can also be the source of chronic injuries. A physical therapist can help you develop exercises that will strengthen those parts of your body, and give you more mobility. Your therapist can also give you advice on how to prevent the wrong types of motion during your follow through that can lead to injuries and a disastrous shot.

A physical therapist can help you to gain complete control of your body and develop a reliable center of balance. Most people do not have the kind of control over their hips and limbs that they need to develop the perfect golf swing. But after working with a professional physical therapist, you will develop the kind of control and balance you need to strike the ball properly every time.

The foundation of any good golf or baseball swing is strength and control in your body’s core. A physical therapist is an expert on fine tuning your body’s core, and giving you exercises you can use to give you more strength in your lower back and your abdomen. By strengthening your body’s core, you will be able to shift your weight properly during your swing, and keep your body in perfect alignment at all times.

Along with helping you with the basics of a good golf swing, a professional physical therapist can also create a program to help your specific mechanics. A therapist can analyze your swing and tell you what kind of mechanical changes you need to make to maximize your swing’s potential. That is not to say that a physical therapist can help you to get the perfect golf swing; you would need to go to a golf professional with that. But a therapist can give you tips on opening up your mechanics and giving your body the tools it needs for the ideal swing.

As you work with a physical therapist, they may find defects in your mechanical motion that are hurting your swing. You might have been told that those mechanics were impossible to fix, but they are not when they are handled by a professional physical therapist. It can take time to get the smooth motion you need to create a good swing, but a therapist can absolutely get you the mechanics you need to strike the ball properly.

Any golfer knows that after playing a round of golf, parts of the body can start to hurt. Over time, this pain can become chronic and problematic. A physical therapist can recommend exercises and methods for treating that pain and preventing it from getting worse. If you do get injured playing golf, then a physical therapist can help you to eliminate that pain and get you back to your regular swing.

Every golfer who wants to improve their swing needs to start with lessons from a golf pro. But if you want to get the very most from your swing and avoid the kinds of injuries that can happen to even the most novice golfer, then you should also be seeing a physical therapist. A professional therapist will teach you how to train, control and repair your body in ways that will dramatically improve your performance on the course in every way.