The Truth about Painful Knees and Physical Therapy

Knee pain is often accepted as a part of life as we get older, especially by athletes and people who do physical labor for a living. But even if you put extra wear and tear on your knees, that does not mean that you have to look forward to a life of pain. With the right kind of Gilbert physical therapy treatment, you can have the pain-free mobility you need to enjoy your life now, and as you get older.

People are ready accept knee pain as a regular way of life because of the idea that age wears out the joints of our body that we use the most. But with the right regular knee pain exercises from a Gilbert physical therapist, you can prevent or manage even the most serious knee pain.

Painful Knees and How Physical Therapy Can Help

Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS) is the most common knee pain ailment in the country, and it is usually the result of repeated stress on the knees. It is a condition that can cause severe and chronic pain, but it can also be easily treated with regular physical therapy treatments. The idea that the onset of PFS is something that should be treated with pain medication is not the best course of treatment. Physical therapy will keep your knee healthy and help you to avoid years of crippling pain.

The reasons that your knees start to hurt over time include common abnormalities in the structure of your knee that slowly cause your kneecap to shift into a painful position, improper use of your muscles cause imbalances in your knees that lead to pain and the gradual loss of natural cushioning in your knees. But all of these conditions can be corrected by focusing on proper muscle development in your knees and strengthening the areas around the joint. That is where a professional Gilbert physical therapist can help you to fend off joint pain and avoid chronic discomfort.

Two more common causes of knee pain are sports related wear or trauma and the rehabilitation process after surgery or a major break in the knee or leg. Athletes who do not seek out the help of professional physical therapists regularly risk knee pain later in life. If you work with a therapist on a regular basis, you will get the kind of treatment and exercises you need to strengthen your knees and protect them from harm. A physical therapist can give you exercises to do before and after every workout, practice and game that will keep you mobile throughout your life.

Most athletes tend to do the minimum amount of recovery from knee injuries when they are young because they do not anticipate any long-term effects. It is important to remember that your younger body is much better equipped to handle pain and will often not show the ill effects of knee damage. But as you get older, the neglect you showed your knee injuries earlier in life will result in chronic pain that can often be crippling. At that point, it is essential that you turn to a professional physical therapist to get the treatment you need to solve the problems before they get worse.

One of the most difficult things for any person to do is recover properly from knee surgery or trauma to the knee or leg. Most people do not appreciate how delicately balanced your knee and leg are, and how important it is to rehabilitate your knee properly. Advanced Physical Therapy can put together a program of effective physical rehabilitation services that will address all of the concerns regarding the proper recovery of your knee and leg.

Most people do not realize that their exercise needs for their knees change as they get older. As you age, the exercises and treatments you need to do to maintain mobility in your knees and keep them pain-free change as your body changes. That is why it is critically important to work with a professional physical therapist who can adjust your knee exercises and recommend a variety of treatments that will continually work to strengthen your knees at every stage of life.

A professional physical therapist can also recommend less aggressive ways for you to relieve any pending pressure in your knees. There are times when just sitting on your couch watching television with ice on your knees, even if they do not hurt at the moment, can do wonders for your future health. Simple things such as elevating your knees on a pillow when you lie down or simply taking it easy once in a while are going to help you combat knee pain now and in the future.

For many people, the idea of taking care of knee pain seems like a fruitless venture. In their minds, the pain is going to come regardless of what they do. But the truth is that regular visits to a physical therapist will help you to enjoy pain-free knees now, and give you the best possible chance at full mobility as you get into your later years.