Common Back Pain Issues and Solutions

The human back takes a lot of abuse throughout the course of a person’s lifetime, and that abuse can often show up in the form of chronic pain. Back pain is one of the most common forms of discomfort, even in people who have never been athletic or overly active throughout their lives. There is no one treatment for back pain, but there are several solutions people can use to maintain their pain and get on with their daily lives.

Find relief with Gilbert physical therapy for back painThe spine absorbs a great deal of the weight and pressure when it comes to sitting, standing, walking and running. One of the most common causes of back pain is simply sitting in an incorrect position at a work desk for decades. To avoid this simple type of pain, you should learn to sit up straight at your desk and avoid stooping forward. When you stoop forward, you begin to put additional pressure at the base of your spine that can create even more pain.

People who do manual labor jobs experience back pain later in life, but it does not need to be that way. If you do manual labor, then getting physical therapy for back pain on a regular basis is going to help to manage your pain. But you can avoid a lot of that pain by learning to lift with your legs, bend at the knees and waist and by wearing protective gear for your back while you work. Manual labor is often an invitation for back problems later in life, but you can avoid much of that pain by following good advice while working.

Another common source of back pain issues is participation in sports. You do not need to play contact sports to experience recurring back pain later in life. For example, the activity required to play tennis can put tremendous pressure on the human back and create several areas where pain can occur. In golf, Tiger Woods has shown us that even the best-conditioned golfer can experience crippling back issues that could threaten their careers.

While you are active in sports, it is a good idea to take preventative measures to try and avoid back pain as much as possible. Applying hot or cold temperatures for 20 minutes at a time can help to soothe the muscles and reduce swelling. Some people prefer to stick with just heat because of the way the heat can massage out the pain and bring relief. A regular appointment with a Gilbert physical therapist can also help limit the damage to your back while you are active in sports.

Most people fit into one of the categories mentioned above, and that makes them potential pain victims. There are several steps you can take to avoid back pain, and your body will thank you later in life when you are not experiencing the chronic issues that other people have to live with.

Professional physical therapy organizations such as Advanced Physical Therapy can give you lower back pain physical therapy exercises you can do regularly at home to limit the pain and prevent damage to your back. Routine appointments with a physical therapy professional can also help to prevent pain, and can help to heal any damage that may be occurring to the most important parts of your back.

Talk to your manager at work about getting an ergonomic workstation to reduce, or even eliminate, back issues. It is easy to take the act of sitting for granted, but it can create tremendous pain later in life if you are doing it wrong for years. The way you sit, work, and even walk around your work area can affect your health. Discuss your options with your manager and get the right kind of equipment in place to make your day easier.

If you engage in strenuous activity, then be sure to stretch before and after you are done. You need to stay hydrated to keep your body strong, and always take the time to soothe aching muscles and joints. If you pay close attention to your body while you are engaging in sports, then you will find yourself feeling better when the game is over.

The most effective way to combat back pain is to simply learn how to rest when your body needs it. Some people need to be constantly on the move, but that does not give your body time to recover. It is important that you rest often during the week to give your back a chance to recover from potentially painful activities.

Back pain is not something to ignore, and it is definitely not something to encourage throughout your life. Take smart steps to prevent back pain whenever you can, and make sure to keep a routine back pain therapy appointment at your local physical therapist’s office to relieve back pain as often as possible.