Does Your Posture Really Make a Difference?

Most people hear about posture all of the time when they are growing up. Whether it is our mothers telling us to stop slouching or our teachers telling us to sit up straight, there are always plenty of people to remind us that good posture is important. The problem is that no one ever tells us why good posture is important or explains the consequences of bad posture.

When you develop any pain from bad posture, you can look for quality physical therapy in Gilbert AZ to help with the condition and start to solve some of your problems. As we get older and have endured years of sitting at school and work, we start to develop what we call inexplicable pains. But when you understand the consequences of bad posture, it becomes much easier to identify those aches and pains.

Bad Posture Creates Bad Health
Good Posture In school, kids are not quite as concerned about their posture as they are when they get out into the real world. Bad posture in school will lead to bad posture as an adult, and that can seriously damage your professional image. A business professional wants to be seen sitting up straight and radiating confidence. Poor posture that pushes you forward and makes you look uncomfortable will degrade your image and give the wrong professional image.

Sitting Up Straight Improves Blood and Air Circulation
When you slouch, you are putting your lungs and your circulatory system in positions that are not comfortable for them. By sitting up straight, you are allowing air to flow into your lungs properly, and then you are helping your circulatory system to get that air to the organs in your body.

It is easy to take proper air circulation through your body for granted because we all assume that it can happen no matter what we do. But poor posture creates obstacles to your airways that can get worse over time and become serious health problems. Poor posture can also cause your circulatory system to become inefficient, and that prevents your organs from getting the oxygen they need to survive.

Slouching Can Result in Back Pain
If there is one direct result of bad posture that most people can admit to, it is back pain. When bad posture starts to take its toll, you can always get physical therapy for low back pain and solve the problem properly over time. It can be reassuring to know that there are exercises for lower back pain that a therapist can give you to combat the effects of bad posture.

Back pain from bad posture can also lead to problems such as herniated discs and radiating pain. When you start to feel pain radiating to your arms and legs, then you will want to talk to a doctor to pinpoint the exact problem. If wearing a back brace is going to help you to get good posture back, then it is worth the investment.

Get Rid Of That Slouch

A qualified physical therapist can not only help you to combat the pain of bad posture, but they can also help you to correct your posture as well. There are plenty of activities you can do on your own to help improve your posture and get your body back in line.

Be Conscious of Your Posture
Sometimes all it takes to correct bad posture is just to be aware of it when you are sitting or standing. When you walk, make a conscious effort to keep your shoulders up and your back straight. When you are sitting, always make sure that your back is flat against the chair. It may take time for you to be able to sit completely flat against the back of a chair, but when you can do it then you know you have reached your goal.

Take Breaks From Sitting
Many people who slouch actually start out with decent posture, but it degrades the longer they are sitting. Instead of allowing time to be your enemy and sitting for too long, you should take breaks from sitting each hour and give yourself a rest. Standing up and stretching once every 15 to 30 minutes will help you get back to your good posture when you sit back down.

Sitting in a desk at school or work can sometimes result in bad posture. For too many people, bad posture can seem harmless. But the truth is that bad posture can lead to a series of painful conditions. To correct posture issues and back strain, make an appointment to see a physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy and make a conscious effort to sit up straight at all times.